Giant Snakehead Ban: How Much Of A Danger To The Enviroment Are They?

The ban on the Giant Snakehead, plus an additional twenty-seven other Channa click more details species as a pet in the USA has only been around for a few years. Obviously as a Giant Snakehead enthusiast I feel that this ban goes a little to far in the protection of the environment. Thankfully I live in country that does not ban Giant Snakeheads as pets, seeing as how the waters are far to frigid for even the resilient Northern Snakehead to survive.

Let me start by saying there is a valid reason for banning this fish. I own one and know of its bottomless stomach and viciousness when hunting. I could easily see a school of Giant Snakeheads laying waste to an entire lake. Top it off with the fact they breath air and can move along the ground (albeit slowly), the Giant Snakehead does pose a potential threat to environments it can adapt and live in.

The Giant Snakehead is no doubt a very stoic fish, but they suffer from one major weakness: Water temperature. They are best suited for water temperatures sitting at a stable 26-28C. Now correct me if I am wrong but I believe only the most southern States will sustain fresh water lake temperatures like that. As you begin to move more North the temperatures of the water, especially during the winter seasons are easily enough to kill off a Giant Snakehead. So why is a nation wide ban necessary? Banning it on a State by State basis would make much more sense.

The next point I would bring up is that unless someone is purposely releasing these fish into the wild, in groups that could breed, a single Giant Snakehead is not going to pose very much threat to the environment. The fault is not on responsible Giant Snakehead owners, but on the uneducated ones not prepared to care of this fish properly. Why not set restrictions on the purchase of this fish? Limit it to a single fish per owner and make breeding them illegal. It may even seem drastic but why not implement a registry for those who wish to own one so the State could keep tabs on their owners. Or why not force potential owners to prove they are educated on the Giant Snakehead before they can purchase them as a pet. I would be willing to bet that most of the people that dump them into lakes either do it because they were unprepared for its feeding and tank requirements.

My final point is that the ban was originally put in place due to a Northern Snakehead school successfully adapting and thriving in a lake in Maryland. This is one species of Channa that is particularly hardy and as far as I know the only one capable of living in cooler temperature waters. Most other species require near tropical temperature to even survive, the Giant Snakehead included. Outright banning all forms of Channa seems to me it was roblox cheats tool done out of sheer laziness rather then justified fears.

The funny thing is I believe you can still get live Snakeheads in some states from Asian fish markets.

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