December 2013

Analyze & Anticipate


The New Year provides us with a great time to reflect on the past events of 2013 and to look forward to all of the gospel opportunities of 2014. One thing we can do to analyze the past and anticipate the future is to ask ourselves some questions. This will help us learn from our past actions and motivate us for future change.  Asking thought-provoking, reflective questions is not intended to produce guilt or shame, but to help us see how we have grown spiritually, and to see how we can practically improve in the New Year.
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Consider the following questions regarding your evangelism in 2013, and how you can grow in 2014:

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Mary, Did You Know?

Christmas songs are notorious for getting stuck in your head. It’s as if the eleven pipers keep piping and the twelve drummers keep drumming in your mind. The one song that always does the trick for me also asks the rhetorical question, “Mary, did you know…?” And to prevent the chorus from being on repeat in my head, I decided to think about it and actually answer the question. The answer is both no and yes.

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What Mary Didn’t Know

Mary didn’t know that she would ever serve God in this way. She didn’t know that she’d be the means by which the long-awaited Messiah would come into the world. At such a young age, Mary had no idea what God was about to do.

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Sent to Send

Sent to Send

Christmas should remind us of the mission of God. Beyond the awesome break from school and the long-awaited Christmas presents, we are reminded of Jesus’ presence on earth—how He came from Heaven in the form of a man to save mankind. It’s what we call the incarnation.

Every Christmas we celebrate Christ’s coming, and we know that He came for one ultimate purpose: to die on the cross for sin and to conquer death by rising three days later. But spread throughout the gospels, Jesus also mentions several additional reasons why He came. And one of them is that Jesus was sent so He could send us. Continue reading

What Are You Known For?


Too often Christians are known more for what they’re against than what they’re for.

To your friends, you’re probably the boring, goody-goody who doesn’t party and drink or have sex outside of marriage. But is that all it means to be a Christian? That you’re against a lot of the things other people do?

Of course, as a Christian you’re against certain things. Things like sin, worldliness and evil works. But that’s only half of the equation. As Christians, we should be for certain things too. Things like righteousness, godliness and good works.

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